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About Us

"Children of Georgia" Strategic Plan for 2014 - 2017 years

Strategic directions and goals
“Children of Georgia” will work on four strategic directions for the duration of the strategic plan for the organizational efficiency the internal priorities and guiding principles have been identified.

Clinical psychology
Children are well adapted, accept the environment, reach personal development goals, because their intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological and behavioral needs are identified and satisfied.

Education and development
Children in schools and in kindergartens are adapted, free and creative, are coping with the changing environment; educational programs are relevant to their age, skills and individual needs.

Child welfare
The children in need of state care are placed in high quality family type environment and they have access to various services.

Four roles of "Children of Georgia" to achieve its goals

  • Role 1. Bring change to the society. Develops values and culture through the best practice of community based services.

  • Role 2. Educator. Educates customers and wide society to increase overall welfare and protection.

  • Role 3. Advocate. Defends rights and interests of the vulnerable groups.

  • Role 4. Consultant. Provides advice for the government and partner organizations.

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