Children of Georgia - საქართველოს ბავშვები

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Our vision: family, society and government are acting in agreement and coordination and are oriented on the satisfaction of the individual needs of the children and adolescents in order to provide their psychological wellbeing and personal development.

The mission
“Children of Georgia” is the professional organization of psychologists, striving for psychological well-being, social adaptation and development of children and adolescents by providing them, their parents and associated professionals with the assessment and advice, skill development, training and expertise, with the overall goal of achieving systemic change in the country.

Articles by Children of Georgia:

Information and advices for parents and specialists in Georgian language...

Children of Georgia is a member of Coalition of Children and Youth

Coalition for Children and Youth is the union of the non-profit organizations focused and working on the issues of children and youth in Georgia, based on the principle of equality. The goal of the coalition is the development of the child’s and youth welfare system and supporting the protection of their rights. The main activity of the organization is the advocacy of the child’s and youth rights on the national and international levels, including through the membership of regional and international coalitions.
The activities are carried out in the following directions:

• analysis of the existing system of the child and youth welfare and emphasize their needs
• supporting the implementation of the necessary changes in the child and youth welfare system through advocacy
• Creating new mechanisms for children and young people's rights and supporting the improvement of the existing ones.
• Promoting community awareness and involvement
• Monitoring of the child’s and youth rights protection
• Another activity that serves the goals of the coalition

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